Event Update

One our favorite days of the year has been postponed until 2023 due to the rise in Covid-19 cases. Wake N Flake has always been our primary FUN'draising activity. The money we normally raise helps us serve underprivileged kids with events throughout NC and beyond. Your support of Wake the World has been nothing short of amazing

With that being said, we would like extend an opportunity to support Wake the World by honoring some of those that have been supportive of Wake the World from day one.

Ed Feldman

1 ED.jpg

In 2008, I went wakeboarding and snowboarding on the same day. When Ed found out about it, he said, "Next time let me know, I'd like to go." When the next year rolled around, the slow economy had caught up to me and it looked like Wake the World was going to be a one and done event. Ed messaged me on facebook and asked "When is Wake N Flake?" I thought that was funny and I started a group on facebook. From there it turned into our primary FUN'draising event that attracts participants from all over the country. Ed not only named "Wake N Flake" he gave me the inspiration to make it an event.

Sadly, Ed was killed in a motorcycle accident in July of 2020.

Money donated in honor of Ed will go towards WTW events in NC.

Mike Brinkle

Shaun Brinkle is on the WTW Board of Directors and is one of the original 8 boats to help start WTW. His dad Mike has helped with WTW by cooking for hundreds of kids. He was also a participant in our adaptive program.

Mike was killed by a drunk driver just before Christmas, 2020.

Money donated in Mike's honor will go to our adaptive program.

1 shaun.jpg

Doris Trogdon

1 Eddie.jpg

Eddie Trogdon is on the WTW Board of Directors and is one of the original 8 boats to help start WTW. His mom was very proud of Eddie's involvement with WTW.

Doris passed away early December, 2020

Money donated in Doris's honor will go to WTW events in NC.

Rosemary Brown

Greg & Lois Hodgin sit on the WTW Board of Directors and are part of the original 8 boats to help start WTW. Rosemary was Lois's mom. She rode a school bus caring for mentally challenged children for many years. She was always super excited about WTW and the kids we were reaching.

Rosemary passed away early 2020, before all the Covid hit. We were thankful to have quality time with her as we have seen so many denied access to their loved ones this year.

Money donated in Rosemary's honor will go to WTW events in NC.

1 Rosemary.jpg